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6 Secrets to Ultimate SEMINAR SUCCESS [Part 2]

Posted by Plum Says on Aug 15, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Secret 4: Get Leads, NOT Just RSVPs

At any given time, only a mere 3-5% of the market is actually ready and willing to become your client right now. Although your primary focus in seminar marketing should always be to get your attendance up, don’t forget to also have a “secondary offer” for those who are either unable or not quite ready to attend. One method of execution here is to include a business reply card (BRC) with your seminar invitation. BRCs allow people to register for the seminar by mail, but also include an option to receive more information in the form of a “free report.” Not only will this result in more leads, but you will also end up with additional follow-up business. And, when they are ready, you’ll be the one they call (instead of your competition!). 


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