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Direct Mail Secrets to Building Customer Loyalty

Posted by Plum Says on Jan 5, 2017 10:45:00 AM



Informative and visually appealing direct mail is sure to increase your business as well as encourage existing clients to continue to work with you. The following are a few tips to assist you in attracting new clients as well as ensuring that the ones you have will keep returning and tell their friends and colleagues about your financial services.

Personalize your direct mail. 
It has been shown time and again that using a client’s name on the mail they receive is more effective than addressing them as “Current Resident” or not using a name in your message. Try incorporating a personal message based on your company and goals with your customers. “ John, how is your retirement planning going?” or “Sarah, we haven’t seen you in a while.” are simple but effective ways to make your clients feel like you care about them and their business.

Use segmentation to your benefit.
Personalize your mailers based on the amount clients are investing, their goals, or where they live. Send out different messages offering incentives to customers based on their lifestyle or spending habits. Offer a free consultation, a discount, or a free email series about the benefits of financial planning. Customers will be more likely to keep coming back if there is a benefit involved that applies to them personally. Reward customers for their loyalty.

Send out direct mail based on the season or holiday.
Receiving your personalized messages year-round will make clients feel like you care about them and their business, even outside of the office.

Consistency is important.
Receiving an attractive, well-designed piece of mail every month or every few months will have a huge impact on customer loyalty, as opposed to receiving mail from you only once. Aside from reminding clients of you, the act will show how much you care about their business and are committed to keeping them as customers.

Encourage customers to communicate.
By encouraging customers to interact with you and your company, they are more likely to leave positive feedback and feel as though they have a connection with your company. You will create conversation between your customers and a sense of community, and therefore show future clients the positive environment that comes along with working with you.

With these tips, you’re sure to keep customers coming back and working with you. It’s important to be present and show clients that you’re personable, approachable, and care about their business.

Check out our blog posts on The Benefits of Consistent Long-Term Direct Mail Marketing or perhaps 10 Reasons Your Business Should Use Direct Mail to further understand how much of an impact sending direct mail can have. If you are interested in learning more about variable data or how to increase customer loyalty through direct mail, give us a call at 1-800-992-9663.



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