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How Generation Z Employees Can Benefit Your Business (if you know how to manage them)

Posted by Plum Says on Nov 14, 2017 1:36:55 PM

As millennials enter their thirties, Generation Z (those born in or after 1995) enter the workforce. This generation makes up about 20% of the United States population, or one-fifth of your potential domestic market, so it may be beneficial to have some members of Generation Z on your side. Here’s some information that can help your business take advantage of the opportunity Generation Z presents.

Generation Z’s definition of a healthy work-life balance differs from other generations in that the line between work and personal life is less clear. Born into a global, digital age centered around constant communication, they believe work shouldn’t stop when they leave the office, and life shouldn’t stop when they get there. Even their definition of “the office” is different. To this generation, any place they can get work done is their office; whether it’s in a collaborative conference room, on a beach, or even in an airplane on their way to visit another country.

Don’t be fooled by their desire to escape the office; members of Generation Z tend to have a great work ethic. They’re also great multitaskers and tend to be more entrepreneurial and creative.

When managing members of Generation Z, you should know:

1. They prefer in-person communication with managers.

2. The quality they look for most in a leader is honesty.

3. They want to be taken seriously, listened to, and judged for their contributions as opposed to their age.

4. “If they don’t feel appreciated, they’re going to move on.” -Marcie Merriman, executive director of growth strategy at Ernst & Young (Huffington Post)

5. They’re less influenced by money, and more influenced by impact, appreciation, opportunity, and lifestyle.

6. The more accommodating of their desired lifestyle you’re willing to be, the more value you’re likely to get from them.

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