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Is your contact information easily found on your website?

Posted by Plum Says on Oct 27, 2016 2:57:26 PM



As a business, it is a top priority that you should be easy to get in touch with. If no one can get a hold of you, how will you possibly get any business? In this day and age technology is more prevalent than ever before and there is an entire generation in the workforce who have never even touched a phone book. Having your contact information readily available on your website allows potential clients to reach you without having to jump through hoops. Nobody has the time to be jumping through hoops.

No matter what field you are in, there is plenty of competition in today’s market. Making yourself readily available and easy to contact can put you one step ahead of your competitors. The best part? It takes almost no time at all!  With a wealth of options at their fingerprints, clients are likely to move “on to the next one” if they can’t figure out how to reach you. There is no sense is spending a bunch of time tracking down your contact information when they could potentially find someone else’s in a few quick clicks.

But where should your contact information be?

It is best to put your phone number, email address, and physical address in multiple locations on your website so that a potential client does not have to look too far no matter where they are on your website. The most widely accepted guideline is to put this information in the top right corner of your header, compiled in a “Contact” page that can be accessed from your navigation bar, and at the bottom of each page in the footer as well. You can never be completely certain which page on your website will create questions for a potential client, or which pages will motivate them to act right then and there. By having your contact information available at the top and bottom of each page, it is conveniently located nearby no matter where on your website the potential client is.

What should you included as contact information?

Having a website with ample contact information encompasses more than just throwing your phone number up there and calling it a day. You should be including your phone number, physical address with a link to maps or directions, an email address or contact form, and your fax number if you still utilize fax.

Being easily accessible to potential clients before they are even working with you gives them confidence that you will be just as accessible if they choose to do business to you. Building this trust before you even speak with a potential client is a huge step in the right direction! So take a good look at your website and see how easy to find your contact information is. You have a great service to offer and have nothing to hide – let the potential clients come to you!

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