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How To Master Your Marketing Design

Posted by Plum Says on Jul 11, 2016 1:23:21 PM

Master Your Marketing Designs

If you think looks don't matter, think again. Often times, your prospect may likely toss your mailer in the garbage before even taking the opportunity to read it. That's why it is so crucial to have direction when it comes to design. In this episode of The Weekly Seed, Brady gives some valuable insight into the power behind the aesthetic of your marketing piece. You don't have to be a designer to apply Brady's 6 Rules of Graphic Design to your Direct Mail. Even if you are already aware of some of these steps, you may still be underestimating their overall impact. 

It seems like common sense, but it is often easy to justify poor design choices and undervalue the impact of these simple guidelines. For instance, many people will be quick to fill an entire page with copy that they deem to be pertinent information and forego their designer's advise to allow more "white space." What they are failing to realize is that, although their mailer may be chock full of educational information, the intent should not be to educate but rather to entice. If a page is too crammed with ink, this could backfire and result in your mailer heading straight for the can.

Remember, design is a language - either learn it and use it, or leave it to the pros! So take Brady's word for it and follow these 6 Rules of Applying Graphic Design to your Direct Mail. You can thank Brady later! 


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