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The Return of the Coupon

Posted by Plum Says on Dec 26, 2017 8:03:00 PM




Is it possible that your online marketing efforts aren’t getting the job done? In a world where email inboxes are stuffed with spam and digital advertisements are rejected by ad-blockers, marketers are having a hard time getting the consumer’s attention- and an even harder time gaining trust and credibility through these digital channels.

The solution? Here’s a hint: it stands at the bottom of your driveway and you most likely open it every single day...

If you guessed the mailbox, you’re onto something! It’s true; direct mail has made a huge comeback over the last decade, with a constantly growing number of marketers turning to this channel to capture the attentions of consumers. To many consumers, mail feels personal, important, trustworthy, and genuine compared to digital marketing materials like email, search engine ads, and social media.

Getting the consumer’s attention is only half the battle; in many cases it is unlikely that recipients will respond or make a purchase immediately upon receiving a mailer. However, if you provide something of real value, you may convince recipients to hold onto your mailer, which will remind them of your product/service until they are ready to buy.

The best way to add value to a direct mail campaign? Coupons.

Sending paper coupons through the mail is a growing trend that is consistently proven to be effective. Marketing firm Valassis reports that nearly 90% of millennials use coupons they receive in the mail. Many companies use direct mail coupons as a way of rewarding loyal customers and securing their repeated business. For new and unique products/services that people aren’t yet aware of and therefore aren’t searching for online, direct mail coupons offer a way to both educate consumers and entice them to give your business a try with less risk due to the discount. The truth is, direct mail coupons are useful for all businesses looking to acquire new customers and increase sales.

Here are some tips for fruitful direct mail marketing with coupons:

  1. High-End Design & Material: Don’t skimp on mailer quality. Get them professionally designed and printed on glossy, thick materials that look classy and official. This will increase your open-rate and will discourage recipients from throwing the mailer away. If you send coupons in a very attractive mailer, it’s more likely your recipients will keep it for future reference.
  2. Multiple Offers: Try including multiple coupons with different offers so that there’s something for everyone.
  3. Online Discount-Code: Direct mail is a great way to drive traffic to your online store as well. Consumers are very likely to use a discount-code from a direct mail coupon to make a purchase online.

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