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Direct Mail or Social Media Marketing... [A/B Tests]

Posted by Plum Says on Sep 8, 2016 1:14:16 PM


A/B Tests with Direct Mail vs. Social Media Marketing – Why Direct Mail Is Preferred

While direct mail experienced a setback with the advent of more advanced online technologies – such as email, blogs, and social media – the practice of advertising through direct mail is experiencing a resurgence.

While direct mail can be an extremely efficient way of reaching a consumer, conducting A/B tests – which refer to the process of comparing two versions of mail against each other to determine which has the greater influence on the consumer – is an essential, and often overlooked, component. The following considers the benefits of direct mail, particularly as it compares to social media marketing, as well as the benefits, types, and how-to of A/B testing with direct mail.

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Topics: Direct Mail, Social Media, Digital Marketing, A/B Test

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