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Why We Love Variable Data Printing

Posted by Plum Says on Jan 23, 2017 11:03:00 AM

The trendiest and most powerful innovation in today’s print marketing is the use of variable data printing (VDP) to create mailers that are super-targeted, specific, and personalized for the individual receiving the piece. By collecting your potential customer’s personal data like their age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, interests, etc, your business can use VDP to send print advertisements that appeal precisely to the recipient. Before VDP software was available, printing high volumes of individualized mailers proved too costly and inefficient, but these days it’s both cheap and easy to modify text content and graphics based on variable data. The question is: Do people really care if their mail is personalized? Statistics show that they do… a lot. According to data released by PODi (an organization comprised of industry leaders and experts in digital print marketing), the increase in response rate from non-personalized to personalized print marketing is 300%.

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