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Posted by Plum Says on Jun 27, 2016 3:06:00 PM

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The Differences in Tax Plans and How This Impacts Future Retirement 

As Americans get ready to head to the polls this November to choose a new president elect, the range of issues on the line are numerous. Considerations about everything from the environment to religion, immigration to oil – and the stance that each frontrunner has taken on the issue – will surely be on voters’ minds. Perhaps more than any other issue, the biggest concern for individuals when choosing for whom to vote is this: What plan does each candidate have for taxes? As a financial advisor, providing your clients with detailed information about how Trump and Clinton’s plans may affect their retirement, IRA, 401K, and more is important.

The tax plans of the two current presidential frontrunners – Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump – are not only vastly different, but divisive amongst voters in America. While the amount of money that Americans have left in their pocket after tax season is certainly an issue that’s at stake, so too is the mismanagement of the money that the government has for funding of federal programs and mitigation of a large federal deficit.

Our FREE downloadable white paper considers the differences in tax plans proposed by Clinton and Trump, as well as how these tax plans may affect everything from the federal budget to individuals’ retirement plans.

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